What would you tell a junior developer about PL/SQL best practises if you only had 60 seconds? Not that easy, right? I will give it a try by creating a Top 5 list:
1. Solve your problem in this order: SQL first, then PL/SQL, then Java, then C.
2. Avoid context switches between SQL and PL/SQL
3. Use bind variables in SQL
4. Use bulk operations
5. Avoid triggers
More info here: https://github.com/Doag/DOAG-PL-SQL-Coding-Conventions/blob/master/articles/00_general.md
Do you also have best practises around PL/SQL development? Now is your time to share it with us! We, the DOAG community, are trying to get 10-20 pages in place on GitHub that will give you a general basic overview of all that matters most around best practises for PL/SQL development.
We are also working on something similar around APEX, so if you are into APEX, please contribute here:
Let’s wreck this together!

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